Call of the Toowong

Heard this sound lately? 

That's the call of a Common Koel (Eudynamys Orientali), a species of cuckoo called "Tuwong" in the local Yuggera language. I recorded it in our back garden this past weekend. 

"Tuwong" is onomatopoeic and resembles the call of the male Koel. Simpson and Day's Field Guide describes the sound as a "Koo-Well with a rising Wurra Wurra" My visitor over the weekend decided to save the "Wurra Wurra" part for early Sunday morning, when all respectable birds should be asleep. The Koel is also called the "Coee" bird, or the "Rainbird" or "Stormbird" as the call often heralds stormy weather. As for this weekend's performance, we are still waiting for that rain to arrive.

F.J. Watson. Vocabularies of Four Representative Tribes of South Eastern Queensland. Brisbane, 1944
- Image by Wikipedia

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